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Friday, July 27, 2012

OOTD: Wild Thursday

Hello, girls! I've been MIA for months now so I want to make it up by posting an outfit of the day. And yes... the photos were taken yesterday. Hihihi!

When you're in law school, every day is recitation day. Every week is hell week. So I was very happy when we had a ceasefire yesterday. YAHOO! Nani and I took the chance to go to Gateway, Cubao and see the movie "The Dark Knight Rises". It was GREAT! The best batman movie I've seen. If you haven't seen it, give yourself a treat and go to a movie house to see the movie. Don't buy the pirated DVD to watch it because this movie is totally worth every penny. I have the same sentiment with Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Inception. The experience you get in a movie theater is incomparable especially when the movie is that great. So please see The Dark Knight Rises!

Anyway, here are my outfit photos yesterday. I used my new camera MV800 Samsung. (I bought it on sale so.. haha happy indeed) No more mirror photos. :P

Top: Oversized Vest, (not sure if it is my mom's or one of my brother's old vest)
Bottom: Harem Pants, 168 Divisoria
Shoes: Brown Wedges, Parishian Shoes
Accessories: Mom’s necklace, Belt from Greenhills
Nails: Bobbie in Flower Girl

Makeup for the day:

Maybelline BB stick in Fresh
James Copper Jazzy Cream Foundation used as concealer
Neutrogena BB Cream for the dewy effect
Fanny Seranno Two way Cake foundation in Silk as setting powder
E.L.F Healthy Bronzing Powder in Luminance used as highlighter
Ever Bilena 3D foundation for Dark Skinned used for contouring face

Nichido Mineral Eye Pencil in Tiger used as eyeliner and eyebrow pencil
In2it Brow palette (used the black powder)
Maybelline Cat Eye Mascara
Ever Bilena 3D Foundation for Dark Skinned (used the lightest shade as eye shadow)

Nichido Lipliner in Rosette
Nichido Pencil Concealer in Beige (used on my upper lip for a nude effect)

Maybe you notice that I used quite a number of products for my face. Please don't think I pile all those make up products on my face. On the contrary, I use very little of each product and concentrate on areas that I think they work best. For the Maybelline BB stick, I only apply it on the inner part of the face (under my eyes, apples of the cheeks and areas of my mouth). I noticed that it brightened my face when used on those areas but I looked pale if used on the entire face. 

Then I use the Jazzy Cream Foundation as concealer as it is the best product I have that has a great coverage even on problematic skin. The only thing I don't like about it is that it can look really heavy so I only use it as a concealer. I don't like using it on my entire face since I want my face too look light and fresh. I'm looking for a better concealer though... :P

For the dewy effect, which is optional, I use any BB cream I have and apply it on my cheeks. I have combination oily skin so I'm careful on using products with high SPF. Anyway, I want my face to glow and do not want to appear oily. 

Finally, I use a highlighter and a bronzer. I apply highlighter to emphasize some of the features of my face. I apply highlighter on the upper part of my cheeks to make it look more full and plump. I also apply some on the tip and bridge of my nose. To emphasize the shape of my face, I apply bronzer on my forehead, temples and chin. If you want that natural effect, just apply it lightly and avoid harsh and structured contouring. :P

Ang guapo ni pangga... I know he'll be a great lawyer. <3 

My version of Duck Face. HAHAHA!

With my super guapo lablab pangga. <3

After the movie, pangga and I ate at Teriyaki Boy. ^___^

Chicken Teriyaki for Pangga! :)

Buffalo Karaage for me!

EYEBAGS!!! :) May Ebidensya! lol. Evidence Exhibit A. :)

Have a great Friday, everyone! :)


  1. hehe.. ok lang ba yung malalaking photos? :P di ko matantsa kasi e. I hope you don't mind. :P Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  2. Hello Glenny! Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you don't mind the big photos. Are they ok? Or are they too big? :P

  3. hello, Mamelpot! Thank you for the compliment! Sa gateway mo ba ako nakita? :P Naku sana magkasalubong tayo so I can meet you! Sayang. :P

  4. I knew it! Kayo nga yung nakita ko kahapon. Hahaha, di ako nagka-chance i-greet ka kasi nagmamadali kami ng colleagues ko paalis :( Ang pretty pretty mo talaga, even in person! :)

  5. Ang laki ng photos mo :)

  6. Thanks Jenny! You're so sweet! :) Naku may blemishes pa rin ako no... dun sa may jaw line ko kaya di gaano pansin. Natatakpan din ng mabuti ng James Cooper foundation pero sa photos lang. In person, feeling ko medyo makikita pa rin yung blemishes. Ayoko lang tapalan ng madaming concealer kasi mas nahahalata lang. hehe :P Anyway, ayon si pangga mukhang pumapayat nga... or baka dahil sa suot niya lang na barong. wahahaha! :) naku baka magtampo sakin kapag inasar ko siya ulit na chubby. ^___^

  7. Looking great Maggy. Kapag MIA ka, maganda ang face mo lalo! Wala ka ng blemishes! I love your look. Not overdone. Simple lang pero pretty! Whee nagdate pala kayo ni pangga, prang mejo umi-slim si pangga mo! Looking great together! Love your look. :)


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