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I'm not that all-girly as you think I am. I love makeup but I'm not that obsessed with it compared to gaming. If you don't see me studying or reading a book, you'd see me playing games, which my parents really dislike because they think I'm too old for computer games. (NOOO!!!)

From horror to action games; from girly to manly games- I've tried it. However, I don't want you to get an impression that I'm an MLG pro or something. I just love playing games. I love playing RPG, first person shooter games and even simulation games.  I play CS 1.6 but not I'm not an expert so if you're are, you might kill me during the first minute or two. HAHAHA. 

I guess my love for gaming started when I had my first crush. (lame right? HAHAHA) He loves playing Counterstrike so I decided to learn how to play it so we could talk about it. But NO. We didn't end up together cause I was too young back then. (^___^) However, I learned to appreciate the interest of guys for playing games especially since I have 2 younger brothers who love playing computer games. I think this is what brought me closer to them. (common interest) 

At the same time, I am able to share fun times with my boyfriend. I believe it is important for girls to explore the interests and hobbies of their boyfriends. That way, you'll be able to compromise especially if your boyfriend is addicted to playing games. Nani loves playing games too. Although he's not as obsessed with it compare to other guys, playing computer games is something we enjoy together. We finished GTA: Vice City together. We also play Counterstrike 1.6 and Left4Dead2. I must say, he is really funny when he is playing games. BUT I would never ever want him to become an enemy cause he is such a wicked man!!!! He deceived me one time. We played Sniper:Ghost Warrior for the first time and he made me believe we were in the same team. I thought someone was trying to kill me so whenever he asked where I was I'd tell him. THEN HE KILLED ME. HAHAHA. But I got my revenge and kicked his butt. 

So anyway, I'm going to share with you the games I play at the moment. I love playing horror games so yep you can suggest horror as well.



My Character: Nanigi (guess how I came up with the name? HAHAHA)
My character is currently at Level 44 and she was able to complete the Daedric Armor which is totally awesome. I love this game cause it has a lot of amazing quests. However, I hate going underground  because the music and the ambiance creep me out. I have two houses- the glorious Vlindrel Hall in Markarth and the cozy Breezehome in Whiterun. 


Source: downloada2z

I love CS as it is the first shooting game I've ever played. Nani and I love playing this classic shooting game. We always play in one team which is always Counter-Terrorist. Our favorite maps are de_dust and de_dust2.  We would always play CS after our Criminal Law 2 class during fridays and I think this kind of helped us get through the day- release the stress like a boss. LOL!


Source: Wikipedia

Nani and I also play this horror-action game though this game gives him a headache. Zombies flashing everywhere!!!! I like the weapons though. I love having a melee weapon and a shotgun (preferably the combat shotgun) or a sniper. I have played the original Left4dead and, to be honest, i like the original characters better.

4. Sims 3+Expansions

I love life-simulation games. I played the original "The Sims" and I loved it. This recent simulation game is so much better than The Sims and The Sims 2 although I would love to see Sims 2 expansion concepts to be integrated into Sims 3. I want Sims 2 Open for Business expansion to be integrated as another expansion for Sims 3 cause that means I can create my own business and I can shop. Who doesn't love shopping right??? I hope they make a similar expansion. 

UPDATE: WAAHH I can't wait for March cause Sims 3 University Life will be released on that month! 

5. Dragon Age 2

My character's name is Magmag Hawke. Wahahaha! Wala na ako maisip na name. :P Pangga calls me Magmag sometimes. :P

6. Saints Row The Third

Praise the Sun!!!

I love this game. But I don't recommend it to kids. :P Too brutal and vulgar. Love the gameplay though. :)



Source: Wikipedia

I'm fifteen minutes away from playing this game. I'm downloading it right now and I'm very excited. This doesn't require a high graphics card so I hope my mom's laptop can handle it. I've been wanting to play LA Noire but I think you can only play it in Playstation 3. I'm not sure. But still, if ever it has a PC version, it's going to require a decent or high video card. Good thing I found True Crime online and I really really want to play detective/action games like this one. It's like a GTA game according to the reviews so I know Nani will love this as well. 


Source: Valvearg

I have played the first 15-20 minutes of this game but I wasn't able to move forward because it lags on my laptop. I hope I can play this in the future though. It's a great horror game and it has several custom stories as well.


Source: Wikipedia

This has the same producer as Amnesia and I've read a lot of great reviews about it. It is a really scary game. Believe me because i have watched an entire gameplay of it. I want to try it. This is one of the three installments; it's a trilogy- Overture, Black Plague and Requiem. If you want a nice jumpscare, suspense and horror, this is it. Or you can play Amnesia. :P 

These are the games that I'm currently playing and will be playing. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. If you have any suggestions, feel free to do so. 

Have a great day!


  1. Left for dead!! Awesome game. It's fun when you play it with your friends. Versus!


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