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Monday, October 15, 2012

Update: Crazy October for Me

I want to update my blog as often as possible but this month is really stressful for me (and now I'm blogging... what am I doing???). It is bar month (yup. I'm a law student. Sana palarin balang araw at maggie-ng abugado!) and I'm quite active with my organization, Quorum (Ok, some people mistake it as a sorority but it's not. Anyway, what other people say doesn't matter. :P). Bar month + Final Exams is quite a challenging combination. If you're a law student like me and also an active member of a Bar Operations group, you know what I mean. Anyway, aside from the Quorum Bar Ops, I'm also accepting Digital Hardbound projects in school to serve my classmates in dire need of high quality hardbound cover for their case digests. (Sabi nga ni Pangga, nilevel up ko ang standards ng mga digests.... kinilig naman ako. hahaha! Pabonggahan ng cover!

Our family has a printing business (Ralmig Signs and Photo Studio- the ultimate one stop printing shop) and one of our services is the Digital Hardbound Perfect Bind Service. I offered free delivery so most of my classmates availed Ralmig services. (O diba... law student na feeling entrep pa. hahaha! Rumaraket ako sa school para may pambaon ako. ^___^) I was glad they were all satisfied with the service. Apparently, this binding service will continue for the rest of my law school life and, hopefully, even after I become a lawyer (teehee! ^__^). I now have loyal customers in my network. lol. 

Anyway, I also joined San Beda College of Law Chorale... and I'll be singing the Responsorial Psalm this coming Saturday during the mass for the Barristers. :(( Kinakabahan ako. :( I pray that this year is going to be a glorious year for San Beda! 100% passing rate! Go go go, Bedan Lawyers! 
It seems like I have an overwhelming set of activities while studying law but I truly want to make my law school life memorable. I know God will guide me and, as long as I have the determination and enthusiasm, I believe I won't fail. 

We paddle our own canoe and I choose to make the most out of my journey. I want to balance education, business, hobbies, relationships and all other things. It's a challenge- a tough one. But nothing is impossible. It is stressful but worthwhile. And did I mention I also managed to design a wedding invitation? It was for Nani's sister's church wedding this coming November. <3 


And guess who is making the souvenir items. ^___^ This is just a teaser. Both Nani's sister and her husband (They had a civil wedding last year.) are lawyers! Sana kami din ni Pangga maging ganoon ang kapalaran. Hihihihi. 

handmade by yours truly... 
Some BarOps Pictures at the Diamond Hotel:

Studying the entire Saturday night until 2 am. @_@ We had to go back to the hotel to disseminate last minute tips. 

My baby brother, Gab, accompanied me. He was my driver during the BarOps.  Pati siya walang tulog. hahaha. 

Sorry parang kulang kami sa hilamos... kakatapos lang namin magphotocopy ng mga notes
mga mukhang bagong gising at kulang sa tulog...

Sunday morning breakfast buffet! 

Antok na utak ko... hahaha

Ok... I think I should stop now. I need to go back to reading... and reading... and analyzing and reading... and sleepi... nahhh... no sleep tonight. 
PS. I shall reply to emails soon. Sorry for those who are waiting for a reply. Busy lang talaga ako... (at nakuha ko pa magblog... Pampade-stress lang) Study Mode Activated! 
Thank you for visiting my blog! Stay happy and beautiful!


  1. And here I thought you were still in high school. LOL. you look so young!

    All the best to you. You'll do well, I'm sure. :) Try to take a breather every now and then, though. ;)

    That wedding invite you made is both very elegant, btw.

  2. I'm totally digging the top you're wearing! Stay pretty Maggie!



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  3. awe! u study so hard! good luck with lessons and take care!
    Nice pictures :)

  4. You're doing great with your business :) love your invitation design.galing! Go baby! kaya mo yan :D

  5. Goodluck! winner! carry mo yan go lang ng go what is important is that your happy on what your doing!

  6. Good luck gurlfran!!:) Kaya mo yan :)

    New follower here! :)
    The Misty Mom


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