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Monday, September 6, 2010

Review: E.L.F Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder

ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powders: 2401 Sun Kissed and 2403 Luminance

"Brightens skin with a healthy glow"

Using an e.l.f Professional Blush Brush, lightly brush over powder, tapping off any excess. Apply to cheeks and across bridge of nose and forehead. Blend with Total Face Brush to insure seamless application. 

Tips: Best when used along with Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 and Superglossy Lip Shine SPF 15 for maximum sun protection.

I SUPER LOVE THESE PRODUCTS. I haven't tried Sun kissed but I know it will work well as Luminance. I love how it highlights my face and this definitely gives me a healthy glow- day time or night time. If I were to choose just one, I'd pick Luminance. Sun kissed has a darker tone so it'll probably work as a blush bronzer. Luminance on the other hand is like a face highlighter. I love how it emphasizes my eyes as well. 

From Left to Right: Sun kissed, Luminance

Price: Php 129.75. 
Worth it?
Beyond Worth it!!!
For a price that is quite cheaper than products available in the market, this delivers what it promises. I'd definitely repurchase this product. ^__^

Here are my looks wearing Luminance Healthy Glowing Bronzer:

Thanks for reading my short Review! 

Anyway, I just wanna share that I bought a new mascara from my officemate. :)

Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara.

I'm loving this product too. :) 

Have a great day, ladies! 



  1. i had luminance and i loved it! though sometimes i tend to be oily not needing any highlighter, haha! luminance looks great on you! :)

  2. cute pics! i'm glad the bronzers works for you :)

  3. @Dianneregina: Thanks! Luminance really looks great in any skin type. I had TBS glow enhancer that is more expensive than this. But both gave same effect. I'm just glad I discovered this bronzer.

    @Locke: Thanks! Hehe. I like bronzers more than blushes. Good thing I found this drugstore product. Super affordable but looks great on skin. Try it too! I'd love to read your take on this product. I think they have more shades pa. :)

  4. No offense but with all the make up you put on, it actually makes your face look a bit fake already.

  5. Cute pics! Love the look and the bronzer looks great on you! I love that mascara too! Sadly, mine ran out and they don't sell it in Australia :(

  6. @Anonymous: You actually sound a little bit silly. Bronzers are only to be applied lightly. So I don't know where you get the idea that I put so much on my face. Bronzers are in fact not applied all over the face. I only use it for highlight. But anyway... I appreciate your comment. :) But I do hope you try some of these products. Perhaps you can appreciate them the way I do. And maybe.. you can put up your own blog and teach me how to put make up without looking fake. What do you think? ^__^

  7. @Dolce<3Bunny: Thank you! hehe. I was afraid to use bronzers before. I was a little bit hesitant because I thought they're supposed to make some parts of the face darker. Good thing I found luminance because it's really a worth it product. I love Maybelline Cat eyes Mascara. It's affordable and makes your eyelashes longer. Too bad it's not sold there in your country. But tell me if you're interested. There might be products in Australia that aren't available here in the Philippines so you know we can swap some items. :) ^__^ Do you have E.L.F in Australia? It's a great brand. :)

  8. @Anonymous

    Hahaha. I don't see any traces of make up on her face except for the bronzer. Sounds like you're insecure. Hmmm :)

    Don't worry about these people! They just envy your confidence. Belive me when I say it's not fake. I've seen you a lot of times in person and most of the time I thought you didn't have anything on you. Don't mind her, I'M SURE SHE'S JUST INSECURE!

  9. @Abie and Anj: Thanks babes! ^__^ Add mo sila Thiamere, Locke, Dianneregina tsaka iba pang mga pinay bloggers. Super friendly sila. Isa sila sa mga super approachable na bloggers. I learned a lot from them. ^__^

  10. @Morbidfrank Don't recall seeing E.L.F I think cuz I'm some what bias towards make-up and mostly base my make-up on MAC (which I shouldn't and its bad that I'm bias!!)and... the rest is what ever cheap I come across and I just buy them. Except for that mascara!! But yes! Definitely if there is something we could do a swap ^^ Never done one before so that will be cool!
    Also, ignore the anonymous person... If they really know what they were talking about, they would actually have an account. Besides, I don't think you look fake at all ^^

  11. Thanks for a heads up Dolce<3Bunny. I've never done swapping items before. :) But You can tell me what items you'd like to swap. :) elf has a website which you will see below of my blog page. Tell me what products you're interested to have. It can be make up or nail polishes... or even skin care products! here's my email:

    You can msg me there if you've found products you like. ^__^ so we can finalize the items we're gonna swap.

  12. looks good on u!!Cute and pretty! =)


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