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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Product Review: Dickinson's Pore Perfecting Toner

I never religiously followed the Three Step Skin Care Procedure- facial wash, toner and moisturizer. Most of the time I don't enjoy putting moisturizer on my face especially during morning because it makes my face look more oily through out the day. Moreover, I'm too tired to complete the process in the evening. I admire those who can do it religiously. But I'm just not the type person. Lazy Arse. Boohoo. -_-

So today, I'll be sharing you a product that I've been using for a month now and I'm proud to tell you that it has never failed me. As I've mentioned I'm very lazy when it comes to applying skin care products. Most of the time, I'd forget to wash my face to remove my makeup. But ever since I used this product, I never had a breakout.

Just to give you a background, I explored from Proactive to VMV Hypoallergenics. Skin care products really cost a bundle especially if you buy high end brands. But for me, I kept on searching for something more affordable yet effective. I know skin care is a long term investment. It is a lifestyle.  But the question really was will I be able to cope financially? I inquired about the Clinique Three Step Skin Care System. Although there were good reviews all over the internet, I just couldn't get myself spend thousands without any guarantee that my skin would look good. And even if I try it, I might not be able to get myself a second set cause it was quite expensive. O_O And so I tried local brands like VMV. At first I felt happy because I saw changes. But it felt like my skin was getting immune to the product in the long run. On the side note, I still experienced break outs.  Although it's not as expensive as the imported brands, it's still high maintenance.

And so one day I was reading a blog and I encountered Dickinson's Pore Perfecting Toner. I have forgotten the name of the blog. (I'm so sorry...) But the author's review made me so convinced that this product can help me maintain a good skin. No girl would like to wake up with a pimple on her face. So when I visited HEALTHY OPTIONS, I immediately looked for this product and bought it. I think it's the only distributor. I'm not so sure. I bought it at the SM Megamall branch.

After using this for a month, I am convinced that this product REALLY works.

Just by reading the back label, it's everything I'm looking for. I want a toner that 1) minimizes pores' visibility, 2) cleanse my face and 3) won't irritate my skin. Whenever I'm tired and lazy enough not to wash my face and remove my makeup, I just grab and use this toner then I hit the hay! :) 

This product comes in two sizes. I got the bigger one and it's only worth around Php 200-300. That can last for 2-4 months, I guess. Not bad right?

The smell isn't really nice. It's 100% natural original witch hazel. I bought a Witch Hazel toner from V&M but the smell isn't as strong as this one. Nonetheless, smell is not that bad. No need to cover your nose or to stop breathing while applying the toner on your face. It doesn't smell good/sweet/nice but not that bad either. It's tolerable and the smell doesn't last. So I ain't complaining. :)

For one month, I noticed my skin to be less oily. I think thats one reason why I never had a breakout. At the same time,  I also use this as a makeup remover. I use it twice a day- one in the morning before I apply my make up then at night before I sleep. This won't make your skin dry. Although my face is not as oily as before, I still feel that my face is moisturized. :) Happy Skin!

 I've been wanting to get diamond peel this summer but I'm out of budget. So I'm very happy that I bought this. The size of my pores was reduced. I still have visible pores but they definitely improved. Another important thing I want to share is that this product helped improve my skin tone. I feel more confident without makeup. Yey for that. I love make up but I want to be more comfortable with my natural skin. :)

So overall the price is just right. The product is great. And it's accessible since most SM malls carry Healthy Options. :) 

If you've tried this product, you may comment below to share your experience about it. 

BTW, Here are my power skin care products. 

:) Happy Weekend to Everyone!


  1. I used this religiously for 2 years until I decided to stop 'cause I realized that it didn't do much for my skin. It didn't cause breakouts neither it did prevent it. Not a necessity for me,actually. Glad it works for you! :)

  2. I tried this one and finished the big bottle. It works well in minimizing oiliness but it did not shrink my pores that much. Good thing it works well on you. :)

  3. judging from the article and the comments as well i really think these products are worth a try. thanks for sharing this article.

  4. hi can i ask if where do you buy the st. ives clay mask and the himalaya here in philippines? cant find it in watson kasi. thanks :)


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