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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Product Review: Pond's Cold Cream

My mom had used this product (original formula) years ago and, since I wasn't as conscious about my skin as I am now, I've never really bothered using this cold cream. When I started wearing makeup, I didn't really pay much attention in make-up removers. I've always thought facial cleansers and toners are sufficient in getting rid of make-up. But as I learned more about my skin and make-up products, I realized that there's a need to deeply clean the skin to prevent breakouts and pimples. 

Then, I came across Pond's Lemon Cold Cream Deep Cleanser. When I bought this, the SA told me that the only difference with this and the original formula is the scent. This is their best-seller and I can attest to that because most of the time, this product is sold out. I only got the small variant and it was the last stock. I got lucky. :P

This product is a moisturizer/makeup remover. It deeply cleans the skin and makes your face softer at the same time. There are times that I get home tired and too sleepy to wash my face so whenever that happens, this product comes to my rescue. It really removes my make up and even the toughest mascara that I have. When I wipe it off, it still leaves my face moisturized and smoother. But it is not that sticky like the other moisturizers. It doesn't really bother me at all because it feels light on my skin. Moreover, I noticed that when I wake up in the morning, my skin looks supple and smoother. It's like waking up with a healthier skin. 

To use this product, I usually apply this after I cleanse and tone my skin. This is that last step as it works as a moisturizer more than a makeup remover. At the same time, if you don't have an effective facial cleanser, this will take off the residue of the makeup that you have applied on your face. You might be surprised of how much makeup remains on your skin even after you've cleansed your face. 

So after toning my skin, I apply a small amount of this product on my face and gently massage it unto my skin. Massage it for 3-5 minutes then wipe it off with a dry cotton ball or pad.

Use this every night and you'll notice the big difference it makes on your skin. Notice the glow when you wake up. This is very affordable and the smaller variant (60 ml) could probably last you a month or two.  I bought it at SM Department Store in the Watsons section and it was priced at Php 134.75. I know they have a bigger version because I've read a review about it and my mom used to buy the bigger one. You might want to check that out. 

Try it cause it is really worth it. 

Have a great day! :)


  1. Cold cream has a variety of benefits. Such as used to remove the makeup applied on face, keeps your skin moisturized and glowing, Store it in room temperature.Cold cream is widely used to soften the tough skin on elbows, knees or other skin areas that are needed to be protected from harsh winter weather.

  2. I agree girl! Pero try ko rin yung nirecommend mo sakin from Etude house. :)

  3. I used this lemon variant before and I prefer this rather than the original scent. This is super effective in removing layers of makeup at the end of the day. :)

  4. I think this would compensate as a moisturizer as it really leaves your skin nourished and moisturized after usage. And you'll really feel the difference when you wake up. However if you are targeting other benefits aside from making your skin moisturized, there are several ingredients contained in other night-time moisturizers that aren't included in the Pond's Cold Cream. So the answer really would depend on the moisturizing product that you need. If you're targeting a whitening or anti-wrinkle moisturizers, this might not be enough although I read that Kylie Minogue swears by this product for making her skin wrinkle-free. Technically, this is a great moisturizing product that leaves the skin glowing and healthy even if you had few hours of sleep. :)

  5. is this enough as a night-time moisturizer too? I think it's really really important to moisturize at night to have a fresh-glowing face in the morning.

  6. I've tried this too! and I love it ^_^~

  7. pwedeng pag ka apply ng cold cream, mag lagay ako ponds pinkish white cream?

  8. where did you bought this variant of Pond's Cold Cream? It this hypoallergenic? Thanks!!


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