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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Product Review: Sophie Martin Lipstick in Mango Peach

Sophie Martin Lipsticks in Nudes and Peaches

From left to right (without Flash): Velvet Nude, Caramel Sugar, Mango Peach, Cotton Peach

From left to right (with Flash): Velvet Nude, Caramel Sugar, Mango Peach, Cotton Peach

I was really happy when I made my first ever purchase from Sophie Martin. The lipsticks were pretty cheap yet the quality of the products were not compromised. All of their lipsticks are consistently creamy and have good color pay off. And if you've been reading my previous posts about their brand, there's really nothing that  I dislike about these lipsticks. And, because I love their lipsticks, I'm gonna make separate reviews for the remaining items I bought. 

Nudes and Peaches Swatches: 

From top to bottom: Velvet Nude, Caramel Sugar, Mango Peach, Cotton Peach

 Note: I won't give a detailed review about today's Sophie Martin Lipstick because I've posted a good number of reviews about the product line. If you want to read them, I've posted the links below. So check them out. 


Mango Peach

Lip Swatches: 

I never really thought I'm going to love peach-y lip shades. This shade gave me a very natural peach shade that made my lips look healthier. Overall, I love the creamy consistency of this product and the lipstick has a very decent smell. 

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Have a great day, everyone! 


  1. It's so pretty - I want. Haha!

  2. It's pretty get it na Pammy! :P

  3. I have all of them and was able to finish 3 tubes of the SLPK01~ <3 <3 <3!

  4. I like Mango Peach and Velvet Nude ! I been lurking around your blog because I was curious about Sophie's Lipstick.. I bought the all nudes and peaches :)

    Thanks for the review

    I am new follower.. Please do visit my blog!



  5. wow Nice! I haven't finished any of the lipsticks I bought. :P I love Ice Pink too! <3

  6. Thanks Jes! I think you haven't tried this yet! You should! :P

  7. love the shade on you :)

  8. Hello Calin! Thanks for visiting my blog! Glad you like Sophie Martin Lipsticks. I love Mango Peach and Velvet Nude too! ^__^

  9. Yeah, I'll order this asap! :)

  10. These shades are perfect everyday shades :D

  11. Hi Aya! What you said is true. Have you tried any Sophie Martin Lipsticks? ^__^

  12. These lip colours are fab! Makes me wanna try them too! :)

  13. I agree! You should try them out! ^__^

  14. looks really good on you sis. :) perfect everyday lippie.. :)


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