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Monday, December 31, 2012

Product Review: Maybelline The Falsies *Waterproof Formula*

Hehe. I tried to make a Video Review. :P 

What I like:

  • It is affordable. I bought this for less than Php 500. I wanted to try the Magnum Mascara which was cheaper (with a 20% discount at that time) but I've read a lot of reviews about The Falsies so I opted to buy it. Still cheaper than other drugstore mascara though. ^__^

  • It gives amazing volume and length on my lashes. I have extremely short lashes but this mascara made them stand out. 

  • It doesn't have a strong smell. 

  • It doesn't weigh down my lashes despite the number of coats I make. I tested it first without using my eyelash curler and it surprisingly made my eyelashes curled up; made less effort to curl my lashes.

  • The packaging provides an instruction on how to get a maximum result. I love how my lashes turned out after application. 

  • It is widely accessible. I bought mine in SM Marikina. Make sure to check it out during their monthly sales. Baka makadiscount pa kayo sa mascara. :)

What I don't like:
  • It is difficult to remove with regular facial cleanser and water. Tip: To remove mascara residue, you can use baby oil or any makeup remover that you have.

  • It is not really the False Lashes Effect that I was looking for but considering how short my lashes are, I think this product did a good job. One thing that made me buy this was that the saleslady was using this and her lashes looked so good. But maybe it was because she had longer lashes in the first place. :P 

Without Mascara
With Maybelline The Falsies Waterproof Mascara

Is it worth the purchase?
YES! I totally love it. I've been an avid user of Maybelline Mascara and so far this is the best I've tried. However, I still want to explore other Maybelline Mascara so I might try Magnum Volume Express next time. 
BTW,  it is on sale right now! Go check out it!
Thank you for visiting my blog! Stay happy and beautiful!


  1. Ohhh! Maybe this will work on my super short lashes! HAHA :)

    1. I think so. I have super short lashes and it worked really well. :P And it made my lashes noticeable even from afar. :D

  2. I have this too! A gift from my best friend and I love it!
    Cute mo sa video! :3

    1. Thanks Janine! I love this mascara too. Happy New Year!

  3. I didn't get this one when I went to Trinoma last week. I opted for the Stiletto mascara. kasi mas cheaper. haha, I'm planning to get the yellow one nito kaso yun nga, haha mas mura yung SM. Okay naman siya, it has fiber.Pero mas okay talaga tong Falsies. Dapat pala eto nalang.Pero I am always a big fan of Maybelline.I am not going to try the other brands.This is still the best affordable Mascara for me :D Nice review Maggie!

    1. You should try this next! Nakasale din to ngayon. :P Check out Maybelline's FB Page kung hanggang kailan sale nila sa Watsons and Robinsons. :P I think yung nabili mo ay yung Magnum Mascara. Yun din kasi una kong gustong itry. :P

  4. I recently purchased this one but in the non-waterproof one. I was meant to get the waterproof one as I have used it before and like the way it held my curl!

    1. I liked how it held my lashes curled up too! :) I like the fact that my lashes still stand out despite having thick eyeliner on my lids. :P

  5. I haven't tried this but looks promising! Love your video, so cute :D

    1. It's a must try! :) Thank you, Locke! :)

  6. Good results. I used to wear this all the time, but have not tried the water proof version. In this product's defense, regarding to your "dislike," any water proof mascara is hard to remove.

    You have beautiful lashes, by the way.

    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

    1. Good point, dear. :) I just hope they'd create a waterproof formula that can be removed even with a regular facial cleanser. :P I don't usually buy makeup removers. hehehe. :P I hope it's as easy as removing a fiber mascara. :P But yeah, I haven't encountered any waterproof mascara that is easy to remove. :P

  7. I have this and I'm about to buy my second tube. :) I iften use olive oil or petroleum jelly to remove it.

    Happy new year, by the way. :)


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