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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Product Review: James Cooper Kiss Proof Lip Gloss in Nude

Although I've been trying really hard to limit my expenses, I finally gave in and bought myself some makeup. I thought it was not that bad if I buy a new lip color before classes resume in June- new school year, new makeup... charot! hehehe. Anyway, I've been eyeing the Jazzy Collection Kiss Proof Lip Gloss by James Cooper ever since I watched Say's review about it  two years ago. OH DIBA??? Ang tagal kong tiniis huwag bumili ng lipstick. Buti na lang either may nagregalo sakin or may nagpadala na mabait na sponsor! (Shout out to Ms. Grace Acuin of The Pinkish Hub!) 

Say bought it for PHP 399 but when I visited the James Cooper stall last week, the Kiss Proof Lip Glosses cost only PHP 299 each. I was happy that JC lowered the price, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. I bought the shade NUDE (LKP-06) which is shockingly not nude. The color is not as vibrant as the other shades though. Yung ibang shade talagang nakakashock... as in eye-catching colors. E hindi naman ako mahilig lumabas. Nagtitinda lang ako sa tindahan namin kaya kailangan kalmadong kulay lang. haha. :P I tried to recreate my dual lip color and it worked great for me because this lip gloss (1) is matte, (2) lasts longer than ordinary lip products and (3) is kiss proof. It is a perfect lip color for my everyday makeup routine! 

I applied the lip gloss on my lower lip. Instead of applying the lip gloss sponge on my lips, I transferred a small amount of the product my pinkie finger and lightly dabbed the latter on my lips. Adik ako sa Dual Lip Color!!! 

Please don't mind the cracks on my lips. It is normal for that to happen if I'm not smiling because I have natural cracks on my lips. I still love the effect. I love Matte!!! Walang kokontra!!!


  • It is an affordable matte lip color at a price of PHP 299.
  • It dries in a short amount of time and applies smoothly on my lips. It fills in the gaps on the natural cracks of my lips. 
  • Although I wish it is truly a nude shade, I love how the pigment can appear close to the natural color of my lips. Mauvey shade ang peg!
  • The packaging provides the ingredients, and manufacturing and expiration dates. It has a shelf life of 3 years. 
  • It is kiss proof once the product completely dries.
  • The product can last long if you don't eat and drink. It does not fade even if I often bite or touch my lips. This is a better alternative to my Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Port which fades after a few hours even without eating or drinking.
  • It is accessible in Watsons and SM Department Stores that carry James Cooper. (I bought mine in SM Cubao)


  • This product line has limited shades. I'm not sure if I want to try the other colors. 
  • If you let your lips get wet especially when you're eating or drinking, the product has the tendency to transfer. I think it is only kiss proof when the product is completely dry. 
  • If you eat and drink a lot, the color will fade in an awful way. You might end up looking like you're wearing a lip liner. If you plan to go to an event, make sure you check your lips for a quick retouch. 
  • The name of the product is quite misleading. It's called a lip gloss but it dries matte. I'm not complaining though because I love matte.  :P 


I am quite happy with my purchase because the color, although not nude, perfectly suits me and the product stays longer than my other matte lippies as long as it stays dry and matte. However, it is not as promising as I thought it would be. It easily transfers when the lips get wet and it fades in an awful way. Remember that the color is very pigmented so just imagine when what remains pigmented is the outer part of your lips. :P Lip liner lang teh??? If you're like me who buys lip products because of the shade more than the long lasting effect, you'll be content with the James Cooper Kiss Proof Lip Gloss. But, performance wise*, you might want to skip this one. 

*Tips: Apply a lip primer/concealer or lip balm before application to soften and reduce the cracks on the lips. Also, after applying the first coat but before applying a second coat of the lip gloss, dust a little bit of powder on your lips. 

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  1. I love matte lipstick. It looks like glossy when you first see it, but it's very matte when you applied it. Thank you for sharing.

    1. You're welcome! I love matte textured lippies. :)

  2. Thanks for the review Maggie! Ako din akala ko it was lip gloss, as in, shiny gloss pero matte nga. You're so lucky to get it for 299, I forgot the name of the shade, pero the one in red, it's also a nice shade =)

    1. Nakita ko din yung red shade. Kaya lang naisip ko puede kong imattify yung Sophie Martin Russian Red kaya di ko na kinuha. Maganda kasi ung shade na Nude (Kahit di talaga nude! haha). Pero parang may nakita akong pinkish-purplish na shade. Not sure if it will work on me though. :P Tsaka meron din yung orange. Thanks for dropping by, Rattus Choki! :D

  3. Hi Maggie! The color looks great on you. Too bad it doesn't last that long. Pero ok na rin for the price. =)

    1. Thanks Kwala! Yup, it's quite affordable! :) It actually last long as long as I don't eat or drink. One time nakatulugan ko siya tas paggising ko intact pa rin siya. Pero siyempre sa buong araw, kakain at iinom tayo. Kapag ganon, nagfefade siya agad at nagtatransfer pa sa straw or glass. >_<

  4. Haven’t tried dusting my lips with powder yet. Thanks for sharing! XD
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  5. Hi Maggie!! I really love the Jazzy collections kiss proof lip gloss because of what I have been seeing in your photos and in some videos on Youtube. But I'm from Spain and I would like to buy them on the Internet because I don't think they sell them here. So, do you know any web/shop or anyone that I can buy this lip glosses to? Thank u so much!!


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