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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Food trip: Barrio Fiesta in Baguio

Last Sunday, my family and I went to Baguio on a one day trip. (BALIKAN as in!) My dad wanted my lola to experience Baguio and to visit the church which my lola wished to see. We left at around 7 am and picked up my lola and a few relatives. Then we arrived in Baguio around 2 pm  so everyone was really tired and hungry. Good thing my dad saw Barrio Fiesta and decided to eat there for lunch. 

The place was really nice and neat.

And because we were more than 10, we were able to get 50% discount on Crispy Pata. My dad bought two Crispy Pata. 

It's Baguio's Barrio Fiesta! May Igorot!

The Beautiful View


Sinigang na Hipon



That was, indeed, a heavy meal. *took a sip*
We also ordered Sinigang na Baka and Mangga Ensalada. Too bad, I wasn't able to take pictures of  the other dishes. All of the dishes were mouthwatering so people can't wait to eat. 

I love Filipino dishes. 

My favorite dish is Sinigang na Hipon. How about you? What's your favorite Filipino dish?


  1. I love their ambiance too! Pinoy na Pinoy! ^___^ We had a great time kahit nakakapagod ang biyahe. ^___^

  2. I love the rustic ambiance of Barrio Fiesta restaurants. And their food is just amazing, I love Filipino food too! Looks like you all had quite an appetite! Thanks for sharing these photos, now I'm craving for some crispy pata! And that was like a half day car ride to Baguio! Hope you all had a great time. - Mar

  3. my fave filipino dish would have to be kare-kare.. now i'm hungry :D

  4. My dad also loves Kare-kare. But I don't which is ironic cause I love peanut butter. hehe. I think I'm the only one in the family who doesn't like it. weird taste buds ko. ^__^ nakakagutom no? nagutom din ako nung tinignan ko mga pictures. ^___^

  5. Hi Maggie, 
        Everything look so delicious. With delicious food on the table you and your family must have had a lot of fun. 

    Take care, 


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