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Friday, November 23, 2012

FOTD: A Magical Wedding Event

Last week, I attended Nani's sister's church wedding. The newly wed couple already had a civil marriage last year, 11-11-11, but having a church wedding made their love story more magical. We got to know more about the couple and their families. And it was truly a great experience for me since it was my first time to be part of the entourage. I was so excited to share the wonderful evening with Nani's sister, Ate Rachelle, and her husband, Kuya Nikko. I couldn't explain how inspired I became when they finally declared their vows. Super Kilig talaga. :) Ate Rachelle and Kuya Nikko are both lawyers and they met in San Beda College of Law during their freshmen years. They are truly inspirations to law student couples. :) SEE!!! Relationship is not a hindrance in law school. hehe. <3
Anyway, here's a sneak peek of their wedding trailer and wedding slideshow

Now a wedding event is a very special ceremony. Since I was one of the secondary sponsors, I wanted to look polished and appropriate. I was having second thoughts whether or not I would ask for a professional help with my makeup.  I didn't want to be disappointed with my makeup. First of all, I have uneven folds on my eyelid. Typical application of eyeliner would look horrible on me. Secondly, since I have uneven folds, my eyes don't look symmetrical. Certain eyeshadow colors emphasize that. Lastly, I don't like full coverage makeup. I had several bad experiences with salon MUAs so I decided to be my own make up artist. Char lang diba??? 


Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Nude
E.L.F High Definition Powder
Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in Earth used as bronzer
E.L.F Healthy Glow Bronzer in Luminance
The Body Shop Glow Enhancer

Nichido Mineral Pencil in Tiger Eye

E.L.F Eyelid Primer
Nichido Girls Night out Eye Pencil in Blackest Black
Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Mascara
False Lashes (I cut one lash in half)

Etude House Lip Concealer
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Port

Wanna know how I did my lip makeup? Watch my youtube tutorial on Two Tone Lips. :)

Nails: Etude House BR307, Earrings and Necklace from SM DEPARTMENT STORE, Marikina

Loving my Maybelline the Falsies Mascara! :)

Me and my beautiful Mom. :) I love her very much. She's the strongest woman I've ever known.
 My mom never had the confidence to tell herself that she's beautiful but I believe she is. She's the most beautiful person I have ever known. She is a CPA but when she got married she gave up her career to take care of her children. And now, she helps my dad with our family business to support our studies. I love my mom. I can't imagine my life without her. I feel like a big part of me will die if that's gonna happen. hehe. :) My mom suffered from Bell's Palsy when I was little. And five years ago, she had undergone surgery for a heart bypass because of Aortic Aneurysm. Even now I can't believe she went through all that. I pray that on my wedding day, she and dad will walk me down the aisle. :) For that, I'll be the happiest bride. :)

Nani's Plate

My Plate. YUM! :)

Nani, his older sister, Ate Sheng, and her fiance
(Photo grabbed from Nani's Cousin)

Nani's sister looks like Bianca King right? So pretty! I bet her fiance felt like the groom because Ate Sheng's beauty was breathtaking that night. <3 I can't wait for her wedding. :)

Me with Nani and his cousins
(Photo grabbed from Nani's Cousin)

Me with Nani and his cousins! :)

Ang chubby ko na. haha. Sarap kasi kumain. :P

Ewan ko na lang di ka pa kiligin diba? Sure ako magaganda at gwapo ang magiging anak nila. :D
Thank you for visiting my blog! Stay happy and beautiful!


  1. Your look is so pretty napaka subtle lang ng dating :) love it!

  2. The bride is beautiful and so are you. ♥

  3. hi anna~ you're so pretty! and you have wonderful parents, proud for your mom :)

    1. Locke! :) Thank you. I am blessed to have hardworking parents. Sana masuklian ko balang araw ang lahat ng sakripisyo nila. :) hehe!

  4. Ganda mo and the bride and Nani's other sister! <3
    And yes, your mom is beautiful.:) I'm confident your parents will be there happy and beaming on your and Nani's wedding day. :D

    My eldest brother was also married sa Fernbrook! Both couples have something in common with Carmina and Zoren hehe!

    1. Thanks, Janine! :) Hehe... Ang sarap pala umattend ng wedding. Nakakakilig. hihihi. ;P Maganda nga magpakasal sa Fernbrook. I'm sure super ganda din ng wedding ng kuya mo. Bonggacious. :)

  5. Very subtle and gorgeous look! ;)

  6. Gorgeous, Anna :) Fresh na fresh!

    The Misty Mom

  7. Damn it! Why are you so pretty? You look radiant din.

  8. P.S. And yes, your mom is beautiful. I suddenly miss mine. Haven't visited the Philippines since early 2011.

    1. Thank you, Lizzie! <3 My mom should start believing in herself. :) hehe. Are you going to visit the Philippines this Christmas?

  9. ganda ng make-up... super flawless... i love it! ang ganda din nung wedding pics... kainlove. :)

    1. Thank you, Rose! :) Nakakainlove talaga yung newly wed! :) Nakakaiyak nga talaga ang mga weddings. Tears of joy. :P

  10. one word...PRETTY!



    1. Thanks Iya! :) Ikaw nga tong pretty eh! Love your current model photos! :)

  11. my gosh, nakaka.inggit curls mo! And all the stuff you mentioned about your eyes not being symmetrical.. and your uneven lids.. they don't show at all!

    And what a superb wedding. :) To think they're both lawyers. How incredible. :)

    1. Thanks, Ile. Pinaayos ko yung buhok ko diyan kaya medyo maayos. hehe. :P Yeah, I have uneven folds. Whenever I'm stressed, my right eyelid becomes monolid. haha. Mas lalong nakakastress maglagay ng eyeliner. :P Weird kasi fold ng eyelid ko kaya if you notice I apply thicker eyeliner on the outer lid para di pansin. :P

  12. did you use the pinkiswear foundation as concealer then the colorstay as foundation?
    and is the nichido girls night pencil waterproof?
    sori kulit ko..mag babridesmaid kasi ako...i'm planning to do my own make up kasi pupunta kami sa malayong lupalop...isa lang daw dadalhin na make up artist..di ako sure baka mapaglaruan ako..gagawin ko lang sarili kong make up..
    please help...LOL

    1. Hi! Yup! I used Pinkie's Collection Cream foundation as concealer. :) then I blended it using the Revlon Colorstay foundation to make it longer lasting with a smoother finish. (If you are going to buy a Revlon Foundation, check out Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation... mas maganda daw coverage ninya! Test it sa mga Revlon COunters... magpatest ka sa mga saleslady don. Don't hesitate to ask for a free makeup application. Sulitin ang libre! hehe.) :) If you have an oily/combination skin, I recommend finishing the foundation routine by applying powder/cake foundation such as FS two way Cake Foundation, or Ever Bilena Foundation (just to keep the oiliness at bay).

      The Nichido Girls Night Out is not waterproof, and not Smudgeproof either. But I super love the intensity of its pigmentation. What I do is to set it with a black eyeshadow... (I used the black pigment in the in2it brow powder which comes in three shades, light brown, dark brown and black) You can use any black eyeshadow that you have. If you're in a super tight budget, you can simply buy the Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil in Onyx. That one is smudgeproof but the pigmentation is not as intense as the Girls Night Out. :) Don't hesitate to ask further questions! :)


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