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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Maggie And Nani: Nani's Birthday Gift

One thing I like about a guy is being thoughtful. I don't demand for gifts or anything material but I want more of attention and love. I am more of a quality-time person. Nani and I don't celebrate monthsaries; we don't exchange gifts. But we make it a point that we spend quality time together. I love going to their place and bake or cook for him and his family. I love talking to him and just have some good laughs. That pretty much makes my day. 

And sometimes I kid him that the reason why he's getting fat is because of me. 

LOVE TRIVIA: When he told me his favorite cake is blueberry cheesecake, I was excited to learn how to bake one. That started my passion for cooking. Hindi talaga ako mahilig magluto. But he inspired me. He supports me with anything and everything I do. <3

For my birthday, I told Nani that I just want to spend the day with him. And I was quite surprised when he told me that he was planning to buy me a gift. He wanted to buy a satchel bag and he wanted me to be the one to pick and choose. I was surprised that he remembered that bag. I mentioned that to him a long time ago when we went to Cubao Expo along with our colleagues and I never thought , he'd still remember it. So I therefore conclude that he is a great listener and a good observant. I think I've mentioned before that Nani bought me new flats just because he noticed I only have one pair of flats which was worn out already. (as in ngumingiti na ang sapatos na yon) 

So yesterday, we went to SM North Edsa to buy the satchel bag. We were planning to buy it after the Canon Product Launch. 


Bought a pair for Php 995, originally Php 1995

I saw a great pair of wedges that was on sale at Manels. And it was like LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. I told Nani that I really really want to buy it because I don't think I'll be able to go back to SM North soon. And even if I do, I might not be able to see those wedges again. Then Nani told me that he'd buy the shoes as a gift instead. It's like he knew that the shoes would make my day. IT DID. DEFINITELY DID. 

I initially wanted the nude wedges but the only stock available was size 5. I'm size 7 so there's no way my feet can fit on those shoes. :( But then, I really really wanted the style and structure of the wedges so I tried the other pair that has animal prints. 


They may look heavy but, really, they're not. 

Looked great with my outfit!

Look at Nani's face over there! Isn't he cute? <3

Nani and I have the same passion for shoes. Whenever we go to malls, Nani would go to Nike and Adidas. I really like picking the shoes I'd want him to buy and wear because we have the same taste. Sasabihin niya pa, "Ganda naman ng pili mo, babe. Maganda nga to sakin." Likewise, he also gives comments about the shoes (or technically anything) I want to buy. I like it when he shows interest with my shopping. Kasi diba minsan iyong mga lalaki parang nakabantay lang. Tapos kapag tinanong mo kung anong bagay sayo, parang generic lang yung sagot. Si Nani sasabihin niya talaga kung practical ba o hindi na bilhin o kung maganda ba o hindi iyong napili ko. I was so happy that he liked what I chose. He paid for it and I was thanking him the whole night. <3


That's all for today!

Have a great day!


  1. Love the shoes and the camera! By the way I give you this blog award. Take care! :)

  2. Pretty shoes! Happy Birthday! ;)

  3. Haha Thank you! Minsan diba nakakainis yung ganon? Parang di nila alam kaya ka rin bumibili ng mga ganon bagay kasi gusto mo magpaganda sa kanila. :P Simula nung nagkaboyfriend ako dun lang ako nahilig magpaganda. :P

  4. Aww... Thanks for this Blog Award Sharon! :) Hope you had a great day! :)

  5. hi, random comment from a random reader: you're really pretty! haha :) will be reading your blog from now on :) stay prettyyyy!

  6. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog! ^___^

  7. Oh the wedges are adorable.

  8. style and the color is great, i like your shoes!, ang sweet sweet nman ni boyfie...

  9. omg i love your wedges!!!!

  10. there really nice (:!!  a bold statement !

    CMPang x

  11. i also love shoes! :) happy birthday! :)
    i love so!fab and parisian! 

  12. Thanks KaraRita. I love Parisian. I also want to So!Fab but I have't bought any shoes from them yet. Sana magsale sila. :P My favorite blogger, Kryz Uy is one of the brand Ambassadress and she wears a lot of great looking So!Fab shoes. :)

  13.  Nice wedgess!! So chic!! yeah I love the nudes one too!! but Zebra is sassy as well! So great choice! BTW, nice outfit!! ^_^~

  14. ganda ng shoes -- it does complement your outfit perfectly! baet naman ng bf mo, nag co comment sa shopping mo. my hubby is the type that says, "OK na yan" just so i'll finish up and buy ASAP haha.

  15. awww! :D That was sooo sweet! ^^ Nice pair! :D Love animal print!! <3
    Ganyan din si hubby ko! :D Sobrang nagpa-participate sya sa pagshoshopping ko, may it be nail polish, makeup or fashion items :D He's my best bud! ^^

  16. Thank you Val! :) Parang mas nagustuhan ko nga bigla yung may animal print kesa sa nude. Pano ba yan sis... we're blessed with very supportive bf/hubby! :)

  17. nice shoes :D im glad they r not heavy, i really thought they were till u said it werent hehe i love zebra jungle shoes but i cant find any affordable one, when i did found one it was like 5k omg! count me in! my beyaf is my partner in shopping and crime! abah c val din :))
    just followed u ;) -

  18. Thank you for following my blog, Aimee! :) The wedges don't feel heavy. :P Try looking for wedges at Manels. They have other great looking wedges for sale. I think 5K is too much for shoes. I don't have much money to burn as well. :P

    PS. Our bfs are really supportive then. Cheers! hehehe. Nani loves shopping too so we give and take when we window shop. But, of course, girls tend to shop or window shop more!!! ^__^


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