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Thursday, May 19, 2011

7 Good Looking Lipsticks

My interest in Sophie Martin Lipsticks started when I read this Blog: MAKEUPLOVE

The lipsticks were incredibly cheap and they looked so good so I wanted to try them. Luckily, I remember that I added an online seller on facebook who sells Sophie Martin Products. The regular price was Php 79 but the seller gave me a discount at Php 70 each. I was so happy I ordered 7 lipsticks and at the same time I saved shipping fees. I only paid Php 40 for the shipping. 

My first impression was the packaging looked so cute. Of course I didn't expect it to be sturdy or expensive looking but I won't be ashamed to take these out of my make up kit at all.

Labels were at the bottom. They looked like they could be easily removed so I need to store them nicely in my lipstick kit. A nice thing about the label was it included the manufacturing date. 

Here are some pictures of the 7 lipsticks I bought. I edited the pictures so that it will show the real colors and shades. I'm planning to review these lipsticks in batches later so that I'll be able to produce better and detailed swatches. As for now, enjoy these good looking lipsticks!


From Left to Right: Velvet Nude, Mango Peach, Cotton Peach, Caramel Sugar

From Left to Right: Velvet Nude, Mango Peach, Cotton Peach, Caramel Sugar
From Top to Bottom: Velvet Nude, Mango Peach, Cotton Peach, Caramel Sugar


From Left to Right: Summer Pink, Russian Red and Ice Pink

From Left to Right: Summer Pink, Russian Red and Ice Pink

If you're interested to any of these shades, just post a feedback as to which batch you want me to review first. Is it Nudes and Peaches or Pinks and Red

Thanks for reading! Have a great day! 


PS. Here's the facebook link to the seller I made transaction with. Our transaction was fast and convenient.  She also gives good promos and packages so if you're interested you can simply text her. I received the items in good condition too! Happy Shopping!

If you want to contact her right away, this is her current number (Hurray for Globe Users!)
Iya Alonzo: +639063010555


  1. those are cute lippies! the packaging looks classy :)and they're cheap too! i've wanted to try out sophie products but haven't found an online seller yet.thanks for the link sis.i'll check it out :D


  2. btw sis, can't open the link, it says either i have no permission or it's already expired :( can you send me the name of her online shop on FB? thanks so much! xx

  3. Thanks Locke. You should really try their lipsticks. I was quite impressed with the quality. :) I'm not sure why the link isn't working. Maybe you need to log on to be able to view her profile. My net is friggin frustrating. I suggest you try searching under this name: Aila and Company.

  4. Yey! I love Sophie Lipsticks. :)

    Thank you for mentioning my blog. ♥

  5. I love them too! No problem sis! Hope you would post more product reviews. I might find something new again. :)

  6. wow, I just noticed that they have new packaging. I have velvet nude, and it's almost empty. I love that shade a lot! I got mine last year since my mom's a Sophie Martin dealer. Pinks!

  7. I like velvet nude too! Good thing you have a mom who's a dealer. :P Yey for pinks. :P

  8. Definitely "nudes and peaches"!!! the lippies are so mad pretty!! plus i luv the packaging of sophie's so stylish! I didn't know that Sophie's lippies are quite affordable..thanks so much for sharing this post...^_^

  9. WOW! nice shades. I'm lovin' them :) thanks for following.. followed you back have a nice day sis :)

  10. Those are all awesome looking lipsticks! Mango Peach is my favorite!

    Love your blog btw! You take such great macro shots! And it's always nice to find a fellow beauty-blogger-slash-law-student! (I've been browsing through your makeup posts since around 2:30PM, I think. Haha apologies for the slight stalkerness. XD)

    I hope you can still update this blog from time to time, even if you have another one on tumblr!

  11. Hi :) what do you think of the Velvet Nude and Caramel Sugar shades? :)

  12. They're really good. My favorite is Velvet Nude. I haven't put up my reviews about these lipsticks yet. Thanks for reminding me!

  13. It is a beautiful shade! :P I made another post about this shade because I learned to love red eventually. :P

  14. i love sophie paris product line of make up. . i'm actually using their cheek tint and lippies. I love the colors and how it looks so natural. For the lippies I have 4 shades. Velvet nude, ice pink, red pepper, VIPink.


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