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Friday, May 27, 2011

Pinks and Red: Sophie Martin Lipstick Review

As promised I'll be reviewing the Sophie Martin Lipsticks that I bought few days ago. I decided to review the pinks and red first because girls love PINKS. Right? Pinks look cute and sassy on lips. Let's see if this Php 70 lipstick can meet our expectations for a good lipstick.

From left to right: Sophie Martin, Nyx, Revlon, Maybelline
In terms of it's packaging, I compared it to the other brands that I had. Packaging was really nice. Although it would be best if they place color identification on the packaging so that I can easily identify it with the other shades I have. For example, since I have tons of shades from Nyx, I don't have a hard time looking for the shade I want because they have a sample color on the bottom part of the lipstick. Remember, I bought 7 of Sophie Martins. If I want summer pink, I need to look at each label which is a little bit tedious for me. 

Sophie Martin lipsticks smell like candy! No issue about the smell when I apply them on my lips. :)

HOW LOW CAN YOU ASK FOR? The regular price was Php 79 but the seller gave them to me at Php 70  each. It was so affordable that I bought 7 shades. BEAT THAT! I initially wanted to buy NYX but it costs more and I might not be able to buy all the shades that I want so I looked for another option. When I saw Sophie Martin Lipstick, I knew right then that I need to buy them. :)


From top to bottom: Summer Pink, Russian Red, Ice Pink

Application of the products is smooth and easy. These lipsticks are creamy when applied but it's matte. In terms of consistency in color, I have to apply thrice. I don't really mind it since applying lipsticks are fun. :)

Here are the swatches:
From top to bottom: Ice Pink, Russian Red, Summer Pink

From left to right: Summer Pink, Russian Red, Ice Pink

Out of all the shades, Russian red is my least favorite. I'm a fan of red lipstick but I don't look good wearing one. Furthermore, the colors fade after one or two hours. So if you're into lasting lip colors, this might be an issue for you. 

But you can coat it with lip gloss to extend its lasting effect. 

I applied each shade on my lips. And BTW, I did not put lip gloss here. :)




What do you think, girls? Would you like to try these lipsticks? Summer Pink is my favorite! :)


  1. OMG!!! refer me to your seller!!! I wanna get ice pink and summer pink!! its seriously a steal at Php.70!! I wanna get some for my future mom-in-law and my mom too!

  2. Sure sis. I posted her Contact number on my 7 good looking lipstick Blog post.

    Online Seller: Iya Alonzo.
    Number: +63906301055
    Facebook name: Aila and Company

  3. Most people have either a cast or grayish yellow hue to the color of teeth. The gray and yellow intensify appearance with age and very desirable the quest, final result of smile. My mother told me to wear blue pink lipstick colour would neutralize the yellow in my teeth, making them whiter.

  4. I love those Sophie lipsticks! I have been using them for a year now. I think I'm on my 3rd stick of their pinks. I think I got all their colors as well~ Thanks for sharing~

  5. wow!! i want to try those lipsticks!~ :) i love pinkish and nude colors than red. ;A; because my lips look weird with red color...

  6. ooooooooooooh! i love the ice pink!!!! i want one :( lol

  7. @MissGennD: Thanks for following my blog. :) I love the Sophie Lipsticks. They're so creamy and they smell good too. :)

    @Ayumi: Try them out! :) Yeah I like pinks and nudes than red. Try peach/orange-y colors too. :)

    @Alisha: SUMMER PINK AND ICE PINK. :) hehe. They also have paparazzi pink but I wasn't able to buy one cause it was sold out. :(

  8. you look so good in ice pink shade love!

  9. I like both pinks! Russian Red ain't bad too! Wow, I'm in love with both pinks talaga! Will buy soon! :D

  10. @janinay: Thank you for visiting my blog! Glad you're interested in buying the lipsticks! Share your own review once you get a hand of the PINKS! :D

  11. Hello Saar! You can buy the lipsticks online. I can recommend to you this seller: Aila of

  12. Hi. I want to buy Russian Red,  Ice Pink and Velvet Nude. Where can i buy those lipsticks? :)

  13. Sophieholics OnlineAugust 3, 2012 at 2:06 AM

    Hi Ms. Morbidfrank, Good review! I'll post this in my page for others to see. I sell Sophie Products online kasi.:)

  14. Sure! :) I hope you send me back a link if you don't mind. :)

  15. nice review... try the fantastic red shade also

  16. I was thinking of buying that too... but I don't think red shades look good on me. :( But thanks for the suggestion!

  17. wer i can buy the summer pink lipstick and how much is that??

  18. Hello Anniefer! I sent you a message in Facebook! ^___^ Hope that helps! :)

  19. aww.. i wish i can find that brand here or somewhere.. the shades of the lipsticks are really my type of shades, so pretty!


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